Weather & Climate Communication and Education

Weather and climate are of universal interest – we all, at some point during our day, are exposed to and impacted by the weather. The weather affects everything from the daily commute to the price of the loaf of bread that you pick up at the store on your way home. Climate and climate change can threaten or, more rarely, enhance both human and natural communities, impacting ecosystem resiliency and the availability of ecosystem services, human development and commerce, and natural disasters.

While a dedication to clear, accessible, and engaging communication infuses all that we do at Blue Skies Meteorological Services, we also offer education- and communication-specific services, including writing, presentations, workshops, and curriculum development on the topics of:

  • The impacts of weather and climate, including climatic changes, on business and industry interests
  • The science of weather forecasting
  • The science and impact of numerous weather topics and phenomena
  • Climate change, including but not limited to: modeling, the current state of the science and scientific understanding, and societal and environmental impacts
  • Weather and climate exposure and risk
  • Weather/climate-related natural hazards mitigation
  • Opportunities for and current areas of collaboration between emergency management and meteorology
  • Sustainable development
  • Science education – K-12 and college
  • Many other topics related to weather, climate, natural hazards mitigation, and education

To discuss how Blue Skies Meteorological Services can help you communicate and educate about the weather and climate, please contact us via email or phone.

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