Climate Analysis

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Climate is often described as “the sum of the weather,” but that simplified description fails to capture the importance and the utility of climate information for diverse industries and businesses.

A detailed examination of past weather and future climate projections from Blue Skies Meteorological Services can tell you what type of weather and climate you can expect in the future. A climate analysis can be as straightforward as calculating the average first day with a high temperature over 85 degrees at a new beach resort or as complex as projecting rainfall frequency and intensity at the site of a proposed industrial complex.

Such climatological information can greatly inform environmental impact analyses, construction design, and business planning decisions. Especially when combined with our data analytics services, a weather and climate analysis can answer such questions as whether a given location experiences winds that are reliably strong enough to support a new wind farm, which energy efficient construction and design practices would be most effective at a given location, whether frequent heavy rainfall events could cause severe runoff during the construction of a proposed new housing development, or whether changes to the recurrence interval of major floods have increased the vulnerability of business assets in a particular location.

Our climatological studies evaluate the following variables, among others:

  • Temperature (averages, trends, variability, and extremes)
  • Precipitation (averages, trends, variability, and extremes)
  • Dewpoint and relative humidity
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Solar intensity and direction
  • Cloud cover (e.g. percentage of cloudy and sunny days)
  • Environmental conditions (e.g. drought, fire weather, areal flooding)
  • Seas (tides, storm surge)

Our detailed, customized studies of past and projected weather and climate serve diverse industries, including but not limited to:

  • Environmental assessment
  • Construction and development
  • Energy efficient design and retrofitting
  • Insurance
  • Risk management
  • Investment
  • Energy production
  • Utilities

Environmental Impact Assessments

Many environmental projects require or could greatly benefit from meteorological or climatological analysis, yet most small to mid-sized environmental firms do not have the resources to retain a full time atmospheric scientist on staff.

Blue Skies Meteorological Services recognizes the need of such firms to access meteorological and climatological expertise on a contractual, project-by-project basis, and we offer a diverse range of fully customizable weather and climate research and analysis services in support of environmental projects.

No project is too small or too large, too simple or too complex — we do it all, from a straightforward average monthly rainfall climatology to a nuanced analysis of extreme precipitation events during the past century, from a detailed reconstruction of a past weather event to projections of future weather and climate at a specific location, from a seasonal wind climatology to an analysis of sun angles and heating and cooling requirements throughout the year.

At Blue Skies Meteorological Services, we specialize in helping our clients meet the needs of their clients by leveraging expertise in climate and extreme weather, experience in the fields of natural hazards mitigation and sustainable development, and proven skill communicating complex meteorological information to diverse audiences and stakeholders.

Emissions Inventories and Analyses

In addition to more traditional climate and weather analyses, Blue Skies Meteorological Services is experienced in comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions inventorying and offers emissions analysis within our suite of environmental services. The need to address global climate change concerns is expected by most policy analysts to result in greenhouse gas emissions restrictions, whether through a carbon tax or cap-and-trade regime. Forward-thinking business and industry leaders are proactively inventorying their company emissions, and therefore their climate impact, in preparation for the enactment of such policies, often as a component of a more comprehensive environmental impact analysis.

If you have any questions about our services or about how a climatological or environmental impact analysis might serve your business or other interests, please contact us via email or phone. Initial consultations for all of our services are complimentary.

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